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SWITZERLAND in Reformation Times

My lecture on Monday 23 October will follow this structure:-

  1. Reformation across Europe

  2. Reformation in Switzerland centres on two men: Zwingli and Calvin

  3. Reformation in Switzerland leads to Civil War between Protestant and Catholic Cantons

  4. Reformation in Switzerland does not lead to engagement in The Thirty Years War

  5. Switzerland strikes out on its own to become the independent neutral country it is today

  6. Consequences of The Reformation in Europe and Switzerland

  7. An interesting Swiss link with Cromwellian England as Regicides flee to Switzerland for safety

Books I shall refer to:-

The Shortest History of Europe John Hirst

The History of Europe in bite-sized chunks Jacob Field

The World S Sebag Montefiore

The Reformation in Germany and Switzerland Johnstone & Scribner

A Concise History of Switzerland Church & Head

The King's Revenge Jordan & Walsh

War & Religion Mitchell & Rey

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