• William Tyler

Synopsis for JW3 Long Morning One Off on Tuesday 15th December

General MacArthur

  1. Very brief overview

  2. Early Days 1880-1918 : A privileged background and a good war

  3. The In-between Years 1919-1941: Steadily building a reputation and image

  4. War in The Far East 1941-45: Failure and Success

  5. Surrender and Occupation of Japan 1945-49 : His triumph

  6. Korea 1950-51: Success and Failure and Misjudgement

  7. Remainder of his life 1951-64

  8. Concluding Remarks: A mixed judgment

Further Reading

Douglas MacArthur by Arthur Herman

Reminiscences by Douglas MacArthur

The class will begin at 10.30 and end at 1pm. There will be two short intermissions.

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