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Synopsis for JW3 Rivers class on Thurs 3rd Feb

Ol' Man River: The Mississippi

Overview: Geographical and Historical

As we will have discussed under the above heading there is almost too much history flowing along this mighty river.

Thus following the overview of the river's history, I am going to concentrate on two separate time periods. One only too familiar to us, slavery in the 19th century, and one unfamiliar to most, the pre European city of CAHOKIA, on the opposite bank of the river to present day St Louis.

As regards Slavery, we shall see how imported African slaves were traded along the Mississippi, how they worked in the cotton fields along its banks and on the shipping trade on the river. We shall also see how the river proved an escape route for some.

After all of this, we shall round off with a brief look at Mark Twain, the writer forever associated with the river, and his great novel 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'.

Cahokia TR Pauketat

Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain

Steal Away ed T Lee

American Slavery HA Williams (Oxford Very Short Introductory Series)

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