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My first lecture in the new Lockdown series on Modern America looks at the long lead-in to the Civil War.

1 Wider context post 1776

2 By 1850 America has become 'a Land of Plenty'

3 Manifest Destiny

4 The problem inherent within the Federal Constitution

5 'All men are created equal'

6 North and South divided over slavery, economics, and population

7 North, South, and now WEST

8 Rise of the Republican Party

9 Opening Shots

A Very Selected Booklist

I am fully aware that many American Lockdown students will have read many books on this subject, watched television programmes, etc. Thus you are free to ignore this and following booklists. But for those who are less well read on the subject you may find something that catches your eye,

General Histories:

America - Empire of Liberty David Reynolds

American History Alan Axelrod

How it Happened: America ed. Jon Lewis

History of The USA Rough Guide

All four of the following books are in the Oxford 'A Very Short Introduction' series

Colonial America Alan Taylor

The American Revolution Robert Allison

American Slavery Heather Williams

The American West Stephen Aron

There are hundreds if not thousands of books on The Civil War, I will at this stage just note two:-

The US Civil War Louis Masur (Oxford Series, v above)

The American Civil War John Keegan

Story of The American Civil War Magazine style, History at War series

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